Interesting Things #2

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Personal Message

It's been a busy week! Not only are things ramping up again with my clients, but I've also been trying to wrap up some things I started over the holidays.

Last time I started to experiment with Ghost for my website hosting and Convertkit for this newsletter. I decided to stick with both. I've enjoyed working with both tools. They're pretty straightforward and still have a lot of capabilities and flexibility.

I also updated the theme on my website. Please let me know what you think.

Better Self

Use a Zettelkasten and change how you take notes forever.

I finally finished my article about the Zettelkasten note-taking method. The funny thing is that it didn't take very long to write at all. I have been using a Zettelkasten for several months, so my content was already written. I only needed to lay them out into a draft, make some final edits, and publish!

Helpful Tools

Obsidian Release v0.10.8 (Insider)

The developers over at released a new insider build (several actually). The Obsidian application has come a long way in such a short time. There is now much more support for PDFs, drag-and-drop, and Obsidian Publish now has search and can be password-protected.


I'm going to write an article about Readwise someday. It is a service that extracts your highlights from various sources, including Kindle, Pocket, Instapaper, Twitter (and the list goes on). You can receive a daily email with these highlights. You can even apply spaced-repetition to help you remember your favorites. It is convenient for collecting notes that can be referenced later.


Mailbrew aggregates your newsletters, RSS, people you follow on Twitter, YouTube, and various other sources into a digest. You can schedule this digest to be delivered to you on any schedule. This is especially helpful if you want to follow many different things without distractions.

Simple Solutions

Did you know you can add a line-break in Power Automate using the expression ` json('{"NL":"\n"}')?['NL']`?

PATCH Multiple Records In Power Apps 10x Faster

Here is a useful article explaining, in detail, how to make your Patch functions faster in Power Automate.

Wrapping Up

Let me know you have any feedback. I'd love to hear from you!

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